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Vesicles of endevour 
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Self organizing still life
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Resolution: 1400 x 1050
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exhibition views (selection 2000-2015)

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Museum_Kunstpalast_Die_Grosse_Kunstausstellung_2017_David_Frieddie grosse kunstausstellung nrw 2017, museum kunstpalast, duesseldorf.

Die Grosse 2017 Kunstpalast Duesseldorfdie grosse kunstausstellung nrw 2017, museum kunstpalast, duesseldorf.

Weltkunstzimmer_2017_david-friedin/out - the universe, weltkunstzimmer, 2017 duesseldorf. (WDR1)

die grosse 2015 kunstpalast kunstausstellung_nrw_museum_kunspalast_duesseldorfdie grosse kunstausstellung nrw 2015, museum kunstpalast, duesseldorf.

David_Fried_Art_Exhibition_Duesseldorf_2022db contemporary, duesseldorf. sculptures and paintings 2022.

David_Fried_Art_Exhibition_Duesseldorf_2022db contemporary, duesseldorf. sculptures and paintings 2022.

Munich_Highlights_2022_DBcontemporaryart karlsruhe 2022 art fair | db contemporary

Munich_Highlights_2022_DBcontemporarymunich highlights 2022 kunstmesse| db contemporary | works by David Fried, Otto Piene, H.Mack, Lupertz, Günther Ucker, Alex Katz, Banksy

die grosse 2015 kunstpalast kunstausstellung_nrw_museum_kunspalast_duesseldorfdie grosse kunstausstellung nrw 2015, museum kunstpalast, duesseldorf.

david fried sculpture, die große, museum kunstpalast 2015


die grosse 2015, museum kunstpalast, duesseldorf.




david-fried_galerie-voss_view3visions of sensory space, galerie voss, duesseldorf 2015.

SPAM-Contemporary_view1spheres of influence, spam contemporary, duesseldorf 2013.

stainless steel sculpturepermanent installation, persona-service hq. stainless steel, 350 x 590 x 150 cm.

Die Große Kunstausstellung NRW 2013, Museum Kunstpalastmuseum kunstpalast, duesseldorf. die große kunstausstellung nrw 2013.

spheres of influence, solo at spam contemporary, duesseldorf 2013.

Museum Kunstpalast, Duesseldorf, "Die Große" 2014. play video

david fried solo sydney

exhibition sydney 2009 Position Probable, Solo at Dominik Mersch Gallery, 2009, Sydney, Australia.

fried sculpture installation vossInterversalities, Galerie Voss, 2015, Duesseldorf.

david fried, suspended stainless steel sculpture installationMission 014, 'dark-matters', Ostrale Center for Contemporary Art, 2014, Dresden.

scope nyc 2009 David Fried

scope nyc 2009 David Fried Scope New York, 2009 with Gallery Sara Tecchia. SOS-WS-2. 2008. play video

opening Spheres of Influence, solo at SPAM Contemporary, Duesseldorf, 2013

Art Cologne 2008 David Fried Art Cologne 2008, Gallery Sara Tecchia Roma New York. Self Organizing Still Life, WM4, 2008 play video

Sculpture in Motion, 2008. Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Self Organizing Still Life, GG1, 2008 play video

Vernissage Genesis - ZPK Bern

zentrum paul klee, bern

david fried - zentrum paul klee bern Genesis - The Art of Creation, 2008, Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern, Switzerland. View: Bruce Nauman, David Fried, Antony Gormley. Catalog: ZPK Website Link

Collection Sammlung Museum Ritter David Fried

Bewegung im Quadrat David Fried

"Bewegung im Quadrat" Museum Ritter, Germany 2006, commision for permanent collection. play video


Solo at Gallery Monos, 2008-9, Liège, Belgium.

David Fried - Samuelis Baumgarte Galerie

Abstract sculpture Galerie Baumgarte Solo at Samuelis Baumgarte Galerie, 2009, Bielefeld, Germany.

Self Organiting Still Life, Interactive sculpture MBG-C 2008, Frankfurt SOS MBG-C commission 2008, Frankfurt. play video

david fried contemorary art at projektraum4

david fried contemporary art at projektraum4

david fried stemmer sculptures

projektraum4 Fried "Living Variables" Solo at Projektraum4 / Galerie Kasten Mannheim, Nov-Dec 2007.

Fried_Tecchia_NYC_Far from Equilibrium

Tecchia Fried exhibition 2007

gallery tecchia - fried exhibition 2007



David Fried Art Exhibition Opening  Sara Tecchia New York

Far from Equilibrium, Solo at Gallery Sara Tecchia New York, Sept-Oct 2007 play video (VernissageTV)

david fried contemporary art

Geometric Sculptures David Fried

interactive marble sculpture fried

david fried 2007 Neorder, solo at Galerie Noack, Mönchengladbach Germany, 2007.

Geometric abstract sculptures plastic fantastic, shore institute of contemporary art, 2006

Gallery Sara Tecchia, New York, 2006

Stadtmuseum Gelsenkirchen Kinetische Sammlung Fried

Kinetic collection Museum Gelsenkirchen, Permanent Installation. Kinetisches Sammlung Stadtmuseum Gelsenkirchen. Museum Moderne NRW website

kunst in bewegung, Kinetische Kunst

kunst in bewegung "kunst in bewegung", at kunstmuseum im kulturspeicher, würzburg 2002.

sound interactive sculpture "kunst in bewegung", touring museum exhibition at pfalzgalerie kaiserslautern 2003.

gallery sara tecchia Gallery Sara Tecchia, New York, 2006

Fried Tecchia Liste 2007 Gallery Sara Tecchia, New York at Köln Liste 2007

Scope Hamptons 2006 Gallery Sara Tecchia, Scope East Hampton, NY, 2006

Photogramme David Fried
Größe Kunstausstellung NRW, Museum Kunstpalast,, Düsseldorf 2004.

FMC Spain Fundación Municipal de Cultura 'José Luis Cano', Algeciras, Spain

Museum View David Fried

Museum View David Fried

Museum View David Fried

photograms by David Fried
Solo exhibition at the Regional Museum Xanten, Germany 2005

kinetsches Objekt David Fried

gallery adler, kunst köln, 2004

Contemporary Art David Fried

gallery poller, solo exhibition, frankfurt 2002.

Rain photo David Fried



David Fried Photogram solo exhibition in frank o. gehry building - zollhof 3, 2001~2. in cooperation with baker-mckenzie

jörg immendorff atelier

night of the museums solo exhibition at Jörg Immendorff atelier, Night of the Museums, Düsseldorf, 2001.

art forum berlin

gallery dechiara/stewart nyc, at art forum berlin, 1998

Kunst David Fried

Kunst David Fried gallery kudlek, solo exhibition, cologne 1999.

Art David Fried gallery kudlek, art frankfurt 2001.

gallery hohmann, art frankfurt 2001.

kinetic sculpture interactive sculpture with a 30kg sphere, Rossini Art Site, italy.

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